Guitar-Online Tuner

Guitar-Online Tuner Guitar tuner for PC/Windows for standard and open tunings Minor, C Maj6, C Maj79, C 6Add9, C 6/9/11#, Open D, Open D Minor, D Sus2, D Sus4, D Maj6, Dsus4/6, Dsus4/6 (2), D7 Tuning, D Maj7, Open E, Open E Minor, Open F, Open F Minor, Open G, Open G Minor, G Maj6, Open A, Open A Minor, Open B, Open B Minor, Perfect 4th, Dobro (Std). Mandolin: Standard, Low, Alto, Mandola, Open C, Open D, Open E, Open G, Open A, Dropped D, Italian, French. Ukulele: C, C Low G, D, D Low A, G. Fiddle: Standard. Banjo: Standard

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Chords 1.1

Find hundreds of alternative fingerings for any chord, identify unknown chords, make up and play new chords, and copy, save or print chord diagrams. Choose from Major, Minor, Seventh, Minor Seventh, Major Seventh, Sixth, Minor Sixth, Augmented, Augmented Seventh, Diminished, or any of 28 other chords and intervals - you will never need chord tables again! Tune your guitar with the Guitar Tuner tool.

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Music Education 1.0

minor scales are presented. Please read the "README FILES". The tonic, sub-dominant and dominant chords are covered with their 1st and 2nd inversions in both major and minor. I have also included some definitions. I know it`s not comprehensive enough but it`s a start. Your computer must have speakers to use this system. The Theory covers how scales are composed, time values, how chords are formed, key signatures, how to take dictation and notes on

music theory, music scales, music chords, music solfeggio, music dictation, music education

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RSP OGG Vorbis Player OCX 2.8.1

minor bugs fixed What is new in the version 2.8.0 (Sun Sep 25 14:49:16 2005): Added streaming capabilities , the new release can play files directly from the internet , minor modifications What is new in the version 2.7.9 (Thu Sep 22 18:50:51 2005): Fixed a bug that will not get the ogg tag from encrypted files , now the control can get the ogg tags from normal ogg files or encrypted ogg files , minor modifications What is new in the version 2.7.

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sBOOKs - Jane Austen 103.016: 11 ebooks from Jane Austen in one easy to use application
sBOOKs - Jane Austen 103.016

The sBOOKs for Jane Austen is a 11 book collection of the author`s works and comprises the following: Emma, Lady Susan, Love and Freindship, Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Sanditon, Sense and Sensibility, The Watsons, and Minor Works.

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RSP GZip Compressor OCX 1.6.2

minor modifications to make the control more reliable , added a function to retrieve the Zlib version , the total list of changes in the Zlib compression method is available in the page , minor bugs fixed What is new in the version 1.4.5 (07/Apr/2004 14:39) : Added verification of the integrity of the uncompressed data , now the control will inform whether the CRC32 of the uncompressed data is equal to the

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Inside the Park Baseball 1.03: MLB role-playing game that lets YOU become a professional baseball player
Inside the Park Baseball 1.03

Welcome to Inside the Park Baseball, a innovative baseball role-playing game that lets YOU become a professional baseball player. Create your character from scratch, get drafted and then fight your way out of the minor leagues to "The Show". In your role as a big league ballplayer, you`ll negotiate your contracts, spend your hard-earned money on some of the over 300 baseball items in the game, and manage your life.

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